Our Team

Brian Travers


The founder and CEO of Travers & Associates, Brian represents the top 1% of wealth in America. As their principal financial advisor, he helps clients develop newfound confidence in their future so they can focus on what matters most.

Brian’s life insurance strategies are more fluid than fixed, and alongside his executive team, he implements customized plans for affluent individuals and their families. Brian has been recognized by multiple outlets for his outstanding work in the financial services industry. He was most recently named as one of the Wall Street 50 in Irish America magazine and was also selected as one of the Future 50 by Smart CEO magazine.

Brian's success as a financial advisor is equaled only through his involvement in charity. He contributes his time and resources to the following philanthropic efforts: One Warm Coat, The James Woods Scholarship Foundation and the American Ireland Fund. Brian is also a board member of The Long Island Community Foundation and Partners Financial Charitable Foundation.

Wellington Tejeda

Managing Director

Wellington Tejeda is a senior member of Travers & Associates, as well as its Managing Director. Wellington's practice specializes in creating a customized approach in advanced estate planning strategies, leveraging the use of life insurance to help his clients maximize what is passed on to their families and heirs. He believes that by building a strong relationship with his clients and developing a mutual understanding of objectives, he can ultimately help them to achieve their goals. In addition to working with clientele, he is responsible for training and mentoring all new associates that join the firm.

Previous to Wellington growing his planning practice, he spent 10 years managing in a Fortune 100 company. This experience helps to ensure that he runs a practice that provides utmost value to his clients.

Wellington Tejeda is also involved in the charitable organization One Warm Coat which helps to collect coats nationwide and donates them to less fortunate, who may not have warmer clothing, especially for the colder times of year.

Sandra Mazzilli

Director of New Business

Sandra Mazzilli is the Director of New Business at Travers & Associates, Inc. Her main responsibilities include: communicating with clientele, contacting external medical professionals, assisting in the life insurance application process and helping to ensure the completion of cases in a timely and efficient manner. In addition to her underwriting role, she also is a licensed life insurance broker in the State of New York & Florida. Prior to joining the firm, Sandra worked for two years in the sales force of a prominent pharmaceutical company. Previous to this position, she received a communications degree from Iona College.

Sandra is also involved in the non-profit Rescue City. This no-kill animal rescue organization helps abused, abandoned or neglected animals by placing them in foster and/or permanent homes and offers shelters much needed relief in the form of veterinary care and treatment.


Petra Jerkovic

Director of Business Development

Petra Jerkovic is one of the senior members of Travers & Associates and brings over a decade of experience in life insurance and estate planning to the firm. Prior to joining Travers & Associates, Petra held a managerial position for a nationally recognized insurance carrier, which gave her the skills to lead, educate and grow a team of advisors. She specializes and is an advocate in the women’s market of estate planning. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, as well as the organization Women in Financial Services, which both educate, connect and provide career advancement for women across the country. In addition to Petra’s professional accomplishments, she also has charitable interests. She is closely involved with Lustgarden Foundation, an organization dedicated to fighting pancreatic cancer.

Sam Ytuarte


Sam joins Travers and Associates with over a decade of experience in financial services, including capital raising and client relations. Sam takes pride in being able to serve his clients holistically and thoroughly through customized insurance strategies tailored to estate planning and income protection. In addition to his professional career, Sam dedicates his time and resources to the Michelle O'Neill Foundation, Inc., a non-profit which benefits children with cancer and special needs.